Sun 07 December 2014


Just In: Maru & Hana Sofa Action

We also get another fantastic take a look at Mugumogu’s surgically clean property. Imagine just how much she spends on Swiffers.

Time To Take Out The Christmas Bear

Quite possibly The Sweetest OMG Pony we’ve ACTUALLY witnessed. Click the video right this minute. Yes, you ought to be focusing on anything at your desk…’s SOOO Cute…

Now, Dasher! Now, Ballerina! Now, Prancer, and Vixen!

Glance how near and cuddly this Corgi McStumpersons and kitteh are! (Through a little detective function, we’ve decided that the Corgi is “ Lucy .”

Time To Get A Shammy (OMG Ponies!!11!1!1) Whammy

This one wins Nosevember. I understand it’s December. It still wins.

C.O. Neighborhood Crimewatch Action Alert!

Wait one minute. Has anyone noticed Dasher? “This is my newborn ferret Dasher exploring and recently identified himself caught in a picnic container and had to locate his way out! I hope you appreciate!” Snapshot by S.

Best BFF Post You’ll Ever See. Nowadays.

Timo seems perplexed bored with Christmas Bear, then establishes passing out on the couch is more or less the very best course of action. Cats happen to be proven to do that.

Schnozzle Central

Residents are warned to be searching to get a peeping tom(kitten) regarded solely as “The Bad Maligner,” who weighs out in bathrooms, building catty comments.

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