Sat 22 November 2014


'red Knot' Starring Olivia Thirlby

it's been a fairly disappointing year in the boxoffice while the quantities proceed to drop throughout the end of 2014. The Starvation Games: this weekend was opened by Mockingjay Part 1, plus it popped massive, taking in $55 million. This can be the greatest fri of 2014 haul thus far, however when in comparison to previous films inside the team, this page in the tale of Katniss Everdeen is being considered a dissatisfaction.

'Star Battles 7' Truck to Premiere Following Weekend in 100 Theaters?

Set on a study boat enroute for the freezing wastes of Antarctica, Peter Harrison (Vincent Kartheiser) is really an author sharing his imagine likely to the finishes of the earth together with his spouse (Olivia Thirlby). The constraints of the ocean's wide open areas and the vessel arranged the point experiencing their first rite of passage like a couple.

'Pitch Perfect 2' Anna Kendrick Identity Poster

What large program does Disney have? Again, nobody truly appreciates. But now points out that two unique Reddit solutions are boasting the 90 second teaser (previously reported to be 1 instant long), will be revealed on just 100 cinema monitors through the region in front of every showtime for every movie. The condition by Disney is that each theatre getting the trailer needs to demonstrate Massive Idol 6 while the earliest testing daily, assuring that each and every display for this Disney animated journey is sold out with the highest number of individuals showing up for the truck to view it first. This means we're set in the box office for one heck of a Christmas weekend.

'Paddington' Poster Presents Nicole Kidman as the Villain

This follow-up to 2012is smash hit Pitch Perfect marks star Elizabeth Banks' directorial debut. She produces the film alongside Paul Brooks and Max Handelman.  Writer Kay Brother additionally returns to the workforce to pen this following chapter.  Additional cast members include Skylar Astin, Rebel Wilson, Adam DeVine, Anna Camp, Brittany Snow, Alexis Knapp, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee, and beginner Hailee Steinfeld. Benefit from the first character poster, which includes fresh images from your video too. Pitch Perfect 2: Movie Images Gallery Pitch-Perfect 2 involves theaters May 15th, 2015 and personalities Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks, Adam DeVine, Skylar Astin, Anna Camp.

'Mockingjay' Generates Largest Box Office Beginning of 2014 with M

Brown (Sally Hawkins), Mr.

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