Sun 14 December 2014


Stressed Together With The Caturday Vacation Shopping?

Caturday: Yule Love This BUB Video!

Relax and show your tail, similar to Shironeko. Which will be pretty much all he previously does, anyhow.

Take Me to Mercy Normal Stuffed Animal Hospital, Driver!

(Geddit? Yule-You will, Yule Sign- right?

She’s nonetheless a child at 22 weeks so we’re cutting her some slack. And Sweet blasted.

Caturday: Hurry Up, Oldman!

… and step onto it! (Oh, I simply desire the physicians could fix the chunk scars within my favorite Flopsy!)

♬ “Na Na Na Na-Na Na, My Fiona” ♬

[I’m gonna stay below and watch for Santa. I understand he’ll be back- ! He quit it below this past year.] Image by Anne D. of Gabby.

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