Sat 22 November 2014


Undoubtedly Prepared To Move Forward

For Republicans saying why not give us some time to see if we can pass reform, remember: just before leaving town to campaign this fall, the GOP House voted to deport all Dreamers.

1 Minute Survey

Ricky Jackson was just released from prison after his main accuser recanted the testimony that sent him to prison for murder in 1975. Yes, after almost 40 years behind bars. Look at the picture in the article . I can almost can't bear to look at it.

Horrific and Heartwarming

Voter suppression kingpin and anti-immigrant hardliner Kris Kobach predicts "ethnic cleansing" in America because of Obama immigration executive order.

Get Ready for More of This

We're considering making a change to how we present comments and we'd like to get your feedback. (Basically whether we should keep using the comments "drawer" or just use the full comments page.) It's one question and takes literally 30 seconds. Just click the read more link to go to the question page.

Obama Gets Angry

Our brief history of those iconic moments of awful when blithering racists break through into the civic arcadia of CSPAN's Washington Journal. (Special thanks for headline inspiration to this gentleman.)

Longtime Racist, Last Time Caller

Tonight Obama challenged the GOP. Don't like what I'm doing? Pass a bill . Here's also everything you need to know about Obama's executive action on immigration.

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